About Slug Slime

Slug-Slime is an exciting new specialist brand dedicated to your hobby! We develop lubricants, cleaners, chemicals, and accessories for a range of hobbies. These hobbies include: cycling, fishing, shooting, motor-bikes, cars, scuba diving and more!

Slug-Slime was formed by well respected lubricant and chemical industry professionals; who are currently working with materials at the forefront of “Technology & Innovation”.  We have decades of experience developing and manufacturing the most technically advanced lubricants and cleaners.

We had been asked to formulate products for major hobby orientated brands for hobbies such as: cycling, fishing, shooting, diving and many other activities.

Upon analysis of current market products, we developed newer technologies to better advance the capabilities of these products.

All Slug-Slime products are manufactured with ultimate performance, durability & value for money in mind.

We are committed to making the most technically advanced products available that are truly fit for purpose.

If you are wondering:

“Why Slug-Slime?”

One of our team during a visit to ‘The Eden Project’ was amused to hear that “Slug-Slime” was one of the first lubricants ever to be used.

Now “Slug-Slime” products will be associated with the most advanced Nano-Technology based products in the market place! Using only the finest materials that will keep components running super slick, looking factory fresh, and performing to the best of their capabilities.