Zip Lubricant / Cleaner


Slug Slime’s Zip Lubricant and cleaner is an effective zip care oil for plastic, nylon or metal zip. In a handy-to-use spray pen it removes dirt, sand, and salt deposits that can cause the zip to stick. It is widely used on plastic, nylon or metal zips on wet suits and diving equipment. It is also used for maintenance of other leisure items including tents, awnings, foul weather gear and bag zips.

Product Description
This zip and lubricant cleaner effectively removes dirt, sand and salt that can cause zips to stick. It is popular for usage on wet suits and diving equipment alongside items such as tents.

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Directions for Use
Spray a light coating of Zip Lubricant onto the zip, ensuring it is coated evenly.


  • Handy-to-use spray pen
  • Can be used on a number of different materials
  • Water resistant ​