Reel Lube


Product Description
Our specialised Reel Lube formulation provides long lasting protection for internal components that need light lubrication for ultimate performance in free spool. Use our Reel Lube to help your reel run faster, smoother and quieter. Using Reel Lube help reduce friction and prolong gear life and other internal components.

Ideal for handle knobs, ball bearings, gears, line rollers, bushings, sliding metal & plastic parts



Directions for Use
Remove the pen top and needle cover.
​Place the tip of the needle in the designated area and apply pressure to the tube, use a precise amount do not over lubricate, if you do – use dry cloth or paper towel to remove excess.


  • Keeps reels in optimum condition
  • Handy pocket size with precision applicator
  • Small and light – perfect for your tackle box
  • Corrosion protection
  • Does not attract dirt