Pellet Lube Pro


Product Description
A unique product that is very easy to use, this product will improve accuracy with any pellet and on any type of airgun. This complex blend of the highest purity non-toxic oils with nano-formula does much more than lubricate. It creates a seal around the edge of every pellet and making sure it will not tear on the rifling of the barrel.
This greatly improves the effect and results of the shot also with dramatic improvement in accuracy.

Manufactured from non-toxic, food safe lubricants.

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Directions for use
Spray a light coating of Pellet Lube Pro onto pellets. Use sparingly, ensure pellets are coated evenly. Compatible with all pellets.


  • Easy to use
  • Fortified with PTFE
  • Improved accuracy
  • Creates a seal around pellet to avoid tears on rifling of the barrel