Gun Guard Oil


Product Description
This is a new Gun Oiler pen filled with a light lubricating oil, ideal for use in all Gun mechanisms. The fine needle applicator allows precision application of the lubricant to shotguns, air guns, air rifles, rifles and pistol mechanisms. The light lubricating oil will not gum up mechanisms but will lubricate all metal surfaces and offer rust protection. The oiler pen is easy to carry and use and can be used in the fields or range to allow optimum performance of your weapon.

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Directions for Use
Remover the pen top and needle cover place the tip of the needle in the designated area and apply pressure to the tube, use a precise amount do not over lubricate, if you do – use dry cloth or paper towel.

Specialist oil, formulated for the long term lubrication and rust protection of shotguns, air guns, rifles and pistols.

  • Light clear oil, clean and easy to apply
  • Will not gum up mechanisms