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Slugslime’s Fluorofluid is a direct equivalent to Krytox and Carbaflo fluorinated fluids. It is used for the elimination of squeaks and the lubrication of weatherstrips and seals within the car industry and automotive aftermarket. It is a direct alternative for use on the VW EOS roof seals and other similar applications.

Slugslime is a brand which covers a range of different products direct from the manufacturer of these PFPE fluids and is specifically developed for these specific applications. The product can also be used as an interior trim anti-squeak product on plastics, leather, metals and other noise related issues.

It can be used to lubricate pivots, pins, hinges and slides on car interior and exterior trim. It is used extensively to stop noise and other friction related problems on window seals, glass channels, sunroofs, door and bonnet seals.

Other packaging is available including our 30g Dabomatic bottles with an applicator included in the end – see other items

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  • Applicator nozzle for ease of dispensing
  • Easily resealed
  • Extensively stops noise and other friction related problems
  • 30g is enough material to carry out many applications on most vehicles.

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30g Witches Hat, 30g Dabomatic Bottle