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Unlike the market leader that uses silicon based technology, our fluoro-float is a pure liquid fluoropolymer. This means reduced reapplication, excellent water repellent properties and increased buoyancy.

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Directions for use
Available in this easy to apply 6g precision applicator or spray pen that is easily kept in a pocket. The fluid goes a long way as re-application either on a dry fly or floating line is minimised. Just apply a small amount to the fly in between fingertips and rub gently into the fly. Over application is not needed, a small amount only is required. The thin fluid will not stick the hackles together unlike some gel based floatants.

Try it for yourself! Fluorofloat is the latest technology in fly floatants and we believe it to be the ultimate in technology for this application.


  • Exceptionally Hydrophobic
  • Performs better than conventional silicone based technologies
  • Odourless & colourless
  • Allows the fly to simulate the real bait without producing a slick or tell take signs to the fish
  • 1.9 density, helping to ensure the excess liquid sinks to the bottom of the water
  • Environmentally friendlier than other chemicals

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Atomiser Pen, Precision Oiler