Crud-Clean Bike Cleaner


Product Description
Crud-Clean is an incredibly effective cleaning formula that also cares for your bike’s delicate finishes. It contains no harmful acids, CFC’s or solvents so it’s completely safe to use on all parts of your bike (including paintwork, aluminium, anodising, rubber, suspension seals, disk brake pads, leather, carbon fibre, composites etc) and won’t harm you or the environment. It quickly & safely eats through dirt, oil, grime etc leaving your whole bike sparkling clean.

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  • Environmentally friendly and fully bio-degradable
  • Safe to use on all parts of your bike
  • Rapidly removes mud, road film,grease and grime etc
  • Leaves your whole bike sparkling and clean
  • Slug-Slime – The most technologically advanced bike care products!

Directions for Use
In order to best dispose of unwanted crud use Crud-Clean as directed below.

  • Crud-Clean is ready to use – do not dilute.
  • Spray your whole bike liberally using the handy trigger spray supplied. Remember to turn the nozzle to the “ON”position.
  • Spray from approx. 30cm away from the surfaces you wish to clean.
  • Allow Crud-Clean to work its magic for a minute or two
  • Rinse or hose down with clean water

Your bike will be left sparkling & ready for your next ride. Crud-Clean is Bio-Degradable and is safe to be washed straight down the drain.

Additional information

Bottle Size

500ml, 5L