Bike Lube


Product Description
A blend of the highest purity oils with micronised PTFE, penetrating aids, moisture displacers and corrosion inhibitors for added protection & ultimate performance!
Ideal as a multi- purpose bike cleaner & lube, workshop lubricant, release oil,  and is suitable for use on all metal surfaces and most plastics.

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Directions for Use
After washing your bike with Slug Slime’s Crud-Clean, apply Bike-Lube to disperse remaining moisture. Wipe off any excess fluid and leave to dry.
Use on chains, cables, sprockets, seat stems, brake levers and all open lubrication points.
Note: Do not use on brake surfaces


  • Rapidly penetrates, lubricates and protects
  • Replaces many different workshop products
  • Leaves a dry waxy film which does not attract contaminant
  • Fortified with micronized PTFE for friction reduction
  • Protects against corrosion

Additional information

Can Size

200ml, 400ml