Christmas and New Year Delivery Schedule

Christmas and New Year Delivery Schedule
Please be advised that orders received by 21st December will be posted before Christmas however please allow for delays due to Christmas post. Due to our Christmas shutdown all orders placed from 22nd December until 26th December will be posted on 27th December and orders placed from midday on 27th December will not be shipped until 2nd January 2018. Thereafter business as usual.

New Fly-Floatant

Fluoro-float is our newly developed fly-floatant! It has great hydrophobic properties, it is odourless, colourless and non-toxic. It is not silicon based like the current market leader, instead it has a new type of technology. It is a pure liquid fluoropolymer making it the “ultimate fly-floatant.” It comes in a 10g atomiser spray pen or a 7g precision oiler which can be clipped onto your jacket for ease.

It is also easy to apply! Simply apply between fingertips and rub gently, only a small amount is needed. It will not stick the hackles of the fly together and does not leave a greasy residue. The new technology also reduces the need for reapplication, increasing buoyancy and longevity.

If you’re an avid fly fisher, try out our product containing the newest technologies!

Introducing Hobby Lubricants!

Introducing Hobby Lubricants an exciting company specialising in technologically advanced lubricants, cleaners, chemicals & accessories for your hobby. 

Our range includes the eye catching “Slug-Slime” brand for cycles, motorbikes, fishing, scuba-diving and many others, and our distinctive Gun-Guard professional range for the shooting industry. We have a diverse portfolio covering many leisure, hobby, first aid and hygiene products.

At Hobby Lubricants we have decades of experience in formulating the most technologically advanced maintenance products using materials at the forefront of technology. Therefore, if you want to keep your components running super slick, looking factory fresh and performing to the best of their capabilities use a Hobby Lubricants product!